Clippsly Verified Badge Requirements

We're excited to recognize and celebrate content creators who have made a significant impact on our community.
To be eligible for the verified badge on the Clippsly, we've set the following requirements:

Requirement Description
Notability Requirement Creators must demonstrate a notable presence or impact within their respective communities or content niches.
Clean Moderation Record Applicants should not have received any moderation actions such as track moderation or account bans in the past 6 months.
Consistent Content Creation Creators should have a history of consistent content creation, demonstrating their commitment to their audience.
Community Engagement Evidence of active engagement with followers and community members, such as responding to comments.
Compliance with Community Guidelines Creators must adhere to Clippsly's community guidelines and terms & confitions at all times.

Notability Requirement:

Platform Minimum Requirement
YouTube 1,000 subscribers
Instagram 1,000 followers
Twitch 1,000 followers
SoundCloud 2,000 followers
TikTok 2,000 followers
Roblox 2,000 followers
Spotify 750 monthly listeners or 15,000 total streams.
To get verified on Clippsly for YouTube or SoundCloud accounts please connect them to your Clippsly account, you'll receive the badge automatically.

Why get verified?

Verification signifies that your content has resonated with a substantial and engaged audience, contributing to the vibrancy of our community.

Example how verified profile looks like:


What do verified users get?

  1. Verified Badge next to their profile picture.
  2. Access to testing features.

Where do I apply for the Verified Badge?

To apply for the Verified Badge contact us at [email protected] providing link to your qualified social profile and link to your Clippsly account.

Keep in mind

These requirements may be adjusted periodically to align with the evolving dynamics of online content creation. We encourage all content creators to continue producing valuable and engaging content to strengthen their presence within the digital community.